12 Mandela Effects to Confuse All

Have you been the victim of a Mandela effect?

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The Mandela Effect is a false memory phenomenon. This was first identified by a paranormal researcher, Fiona Broome. The effect is called the Mandela effect after President Mandela. Many people identified that they had been told Madela died in prison in the 1980s. It was a false memory shared by many people. Some have even stated that they believe it is a reality in an alternative universe, that mixes with ours.

Typically events classified under the Mandela effect are within pop culture and current events. There have been many films dedicated to this phenomenon. A recent X Files episode investigated several of these effects. It is an area that has fascinated me for many years. How a group of people can all have the same false memory of an event.

Here are twelve effects that you might have a false memory of or be part of the Mandela effect. I will put pictures to all these below, so no cheating and scrolling down.

Does Curious George have a tail?

If you answered yes, then this is an example of the Mandela effect. Curious George never had a tail.

Does the man on the monopoly logo have a manacle?

Again if you answered yes, you would not be correct the man in the monopoly logo never had a manacle.

Does the fruit of the loom logo have a cornucopia in the back?

It does not although many people will swear they remember seeing the logo with one behind the fruit.

Does Mona Lisa smile in the famous painting?

She does not, in fact, she looks quite fed up. Many people state though that they remember her with a slight smile.

How many US states are there?

If you said 50 you would be correct, although again many people argue that they were taught there were 52 states. Remember this isn’t a case of bad Geography. These are multiple people claiming the same mistake.

When was Mother Theresa made a Saint?

Mother Theresa was canonised in 2016. Many people believe that this had been done much earlier in 1990.

What happened to the Lindbergh baby?

Sadly the infant son of Charles Lindbergh was kidnapped. When asked about it many people stated that the child was never found and the case is now a cold case. This is a false memory. The body was found and the perpetrator of the crime was caught and sentenced to death.

Being an avid film fan there are many of these facts attributed to films. Here are my five favourites, the first blew my mind as I was part of the people who believed the Mandela effect.

What colour is C3PO in the 1970 Star Wars Films?

Gold you say, was he all gold? If you answered yes that you have a false memory because he actually had a silver leg. I had to go back to watch my old copies to check. I was so convinced he was all gold.

Sex in the City was an iconic series.

Except it has never been called Sex in the City the title was and always has been Sex and the City.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall is a famous line from Snow White.

Except is was never once said in the whole of the film, instead the line was ‘Magic mirror on the wall.’

During Silence of the Lambs do you remember Hannibal Lector saying ‘Hello Clarice.’

Another line that was never said in the movie what he says is simply, ‘good morning.’

Risky Business with Tom Cruise.

Many people remember the iconic scene, Tom on the table in a shirt, sunglasses and pants dancing. Now watch it again he was never wearing sunglasses although many people claim he was.

These are a few of the phenomenon known as the Mandela effect. If I have gained your interest a search on google will provide several more. I will leave you with a final thought. Never on any of the Star Trek episodes or films did Captain Kirk say ‘beam me up, Scotty.’

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