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What contribution did Mileva Maric make to Einstein’s work?

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The idea that a female helped write Einstein’s papers has been growing in strength. It is a concept that some of the greatest minds today find hard to contemplate.

Recently, I read The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict and it made me think. I know the book is a novel and many parts are not factual. However, there was enough for me to research further.

Mileva Maric was the first wife of Albert Einstein. It is suggested she was a contributory writer for some of his biggest theories. Did Einstein plagiarise his wife’s work to reach success?

Who is Mileva Maric?

Maric was a Serbian physicist and mathematician. She was also the only woman at the Zurich Polytechnic, the same year as Einstein. She was only the fifth woman ever to be accepted to the Mathematics and Physics department. …

Five ways to help homeschooling.

Photo by Michael Morse from Pexels

Last week I wrote about returning to school and then 24 hours later, we all found ourselves in lockdown and homeschooling again.

Something feels different this time. The energy levels are lower. The novelty for all sense and purpose has worn off. Still, we will all continue as we always do. Here are some ideas that you can use this time around, which may make life easier.

Have a dedicated workspace

Not for only you, but for your children. Have a spot in the house where they do their school work. …

Introducing Tommy Ueland

Sam H Arnold

Throughout my articles, I mention that I coach other writers in their work. There are several of them that are killing it at the moment, in whatever capacity they create. As a monthly feature, I would like to introduce you to these writers. Although I have supported them in their endeavours, the talent is all theirs.

This month I would like to introduce you to Tommy Ueland. I started reading Tommy’s articles several months before I worked with him. Once I got to know him, I was amazed to find that English is not his native language. I bet if you have read his stuff you did not know that. …

Don’t underestimate your skills.

Photo by 金 运 on Unsplash

This weekend I read a post that made me angry. You know the type, five side hustles to make a fortune. I don’t know why I am attracted to this type of article, but I am.

Overall the post was well written and there were some good ideas. My problem was though that the writer hadn’t given the readers a realistic view of the work that was needed.

The problem with these posts.

The first side hustle that was suggested was to advertise content writing on Fiverr. He had set up 7 separate gigs, let us say each gig took a half-hour. To do it properly it would take at least an hour with research etc, I’m underestimating. The writer then completed 19 jobs. Let us estimate that each article took 90 minutes. When we add all the hours up spent working for Fiverr, it is 32 hours. For this the writer earner $257 a wage of $8. For my English readers that works out at £5.90, …

Self Reflection

Your life experiences led you here.

Photo by Philippe Jausions on Unsplash

Are you fulfilled with what you are doing? If writing doesn’t still excite you, should you still be doing it?

For many of us, the answer may be that we have to write to pay the bills. A long time ago, I was told that you should work to live, not live to work. It is a mantra I have stuck through throughout my life.

I strongly believe that every job I have had has led me to this moment in life. All have provided me with experiences and stories, that have helped shape my writing and career.

The path to writing

Effectively I have had three careers if you count writing, which we all should if we are serious about it. My first career was working with learning difficulties and mental health residents. I was the youngest manager for my county, which was an accolade I was very pleased with. …

Shelly Miscavige worked with Tom Cruise and was at the head of Scientology until she vanished.


Shelly Miscavige was born, Michelle Shelly Barnett on 18th January 1961. She is best known for being the wife of David Miscavige, the head of Scientology. David gained his position with Scientology on the death of its founder L Ron Hubbard.

Recently, Shelly has been in the news for another reason. She has not been seen in public since August 2007. She was first noticed as missing when she failed to attend the wedding of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. A wedding she had been instrumental in organising. …

Children that abuse their parents.

Screenshot from BBC iPlayer

Casualty, aired the second episode of Series 35 last night. Tonight’s episode showed the continual fall-out from the COVID- 19. Within this, the writer Oliver Frampton also dealt with one of the big stories started in Series 34.

In Casualty’s traditional nature the episode has the controversial topic of children who abuse their parents. Maggie O’Neill appears in this one episode as a woman who is discovered to have unexplained injuries after a car accident. The story is told from two perspectives, hers as an abused mother and her sons. Played by Sam Newton, Shane Cooper is a fifteen-year-old who has been locked down with an alcoholic mother. Shut away from the world he has been providing all her care when she becomes intoxicated. …

Are we right to send children back to school with the recent virus updates?

Photo by Haseeb Modi on Unsplash

It is with trepidation that this week many children in the United Kingdom returned to school. This term, more than ever, there was real concern over the return to classes. This is understandable, especially as there is a new strain of Covid which appears to be spread through the younger age group. As a teacher and parent, I share these concerns. As it was they returned for a day and then the country went into complete lockdown. Now unless you are classed as vulnerable or the child of a key worker you will not be able to access education.

People were scared, especially with the conflicting information which we are currently bombarded with. …

Although even I couldn’t have predicted what he did.

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

Three weeks ago, I sat watching the news in the UK. After 20 minutes of covering all the horrors of Covid, it looked like there was no other news.

I do wish there was some other news this is so awful. What’s happened to Donald Trump his idiot remarks normally cheer me up.

I like to laugh at him, you understand, not with him. When I said those words I never realised he was listening in. Yesterday Covid was relegated to five minutes in the news. …

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