Annabelle the doll that haunts in the occult museum.
Annabelle in the Occult Museum — Photo free to use

If you are a fan of horror films, you have likely watched one of the Annabelle films. Annabelle is a doll possessed by a demon that enters people’s lives to burn down their houses and haunt their loved ones. What some may not know is that Annabelle is based on…

John Fritz Johnson / Lawrence Bader — Photo in public domain

In 1957, Lawrence Bader disappeared whilst out on his boat on Lake Erie. He left behind a wife and three children.

Eight years later, his doubleganger was found in Chicago by the name of John Fritz Johnson. Johnson was a known television personality. …

Public Domain

Over the last couple of days, I have come to realise that all your content on one platform might not be such a great idea. There are, of course, two alternatives to Medium; Vocal Media and Newsbreak. …


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When The Suspect Is A Victim by AJ Wiseman

On December 23, 2006, Ryan Waller and his girlfriend Heather Quan were having a quiet night at their apartment when there was a knock on the door. Waller cracked it open and a gun was pointed at him. …

Prolific serial killer Alexander Pichushkin
Alexander Pichushkin — Free to use

Alexander Pichushkin marked sixty-two squares off his chessboard throughout his spree, with the dates of the murders he had committed. This act earned him the nickname the Chessboard killer and made him the most prolific serial killer in Russian history.

Bitssa Park (Bitsyevskiy park) spans eighteen square kilometres across the…

Be grateful in life
Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

The definition of gratitude is the feeling of being grateful and wanting to express your thanks

As a species, are we truly grateful for what we have? Have you ever considered all the people in our everyday life that we should be thankful for? Not the people we interact with…


The Amityville Horror house — 112 Ocean Avenue
112 Ocean Avenue — Free to use

The Amityville Horror has been a popular horror film for many generations. Children like to scare each other into watching it; however, not everyone knows that the horror is based on two real-life experiences. The incidents happened to two separate families. The house which is the lead character in the…


Dr Death portrayed by Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson as Dr Death — Free to use

Christopher Duntsch was an American neurosurgeon who brutally maimed and killed many of his patients. Although not a killer in the true sense of the word, he is most definitely a sociopath who gained pleasure from inflicting the worse types of pain to his patients. Duntsch has now found himself…

Sarah Everard murdered by Wayne Couzens
Sarah Everard — Image free to use

A police helicopter circling our house is not an unusual sight in Ashford, Kent. However, I was more than curious when it was in the sky for more than twenty-four hours. That’s when I discovered that Sarah Everard’s body had been found in the woods near my house.

Sarah Everard

The Krays and Frank Mitchell
The Krays — Public Domain

Frank Samuel Mitchell, otherwise known as the Mad Axeman, was a British criminal and gangster. He was a close associate of the Kray Twins, who were infamous in 60s London. Mitchell was six feet tall, weighed thirteen stone, and was said to contain unnatural strength.

To demonstrate this, he would…

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