True Crime

Did Jenner get away with vehicular manslaughter?

Caitlyn Jenner — photo in the public domain

Caitlyn Jenner, formally Bruce Jenner shot to fame first as an Olympic athlete and then as step-father to the Kardashians. Throughout her life, she has been in the media, so it is not surprising that she has put her name forward as governor of California. California is a state used to electing celebrities. It was here Arnold Schwarzenegger launched his political career.

As the campaign gets underway the mud has started being thrown. The latest controversy comes as Jenner states her friends have moved from LA because of all the homeless.

There is however a bigger scandal, that Jenner must…

Are your favourite books fact or fiction?

Photo by Carmen Peñaranda on Unsplash

Many classic tales have been passed down, generation to generation. Some so well know that they can be told without the book.

My favourite job of my day is to read stories that entertained me as a child, to my children. Two of the books here I have told versions of during these times. When we tell these stories are we so engrossed in the adventure, that we don’t think about the origin?

We may presume that they are entirely fictitious and the work of a writer’s imagination. …

Live is getting back to normal.


As many of you are going through the pandemic, here is a positive. In the UK for the last two days, we have registered no Covid deaths.

For all the faults of the government, the rollout of our vaccination process has been flawless. We even have drive-through vaccines. Countries like France who suspended their program, are still facing high deaths. The UK ploughed on and has a considerable proportion of the population now vaccinated.

One year ago, I couldn’t see the end to this pandemic. Many will know that we went in and out of lockdown regularly. There now seems…

Writing Tips

Has remote working levelled the playing field for writers?

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

As many of us have spent more time at home working, than ever before, there are advantages in many industries. Remote working has levelled the playing field in a way never experienced before. As we work at home we all have the same equipment, we are all producing alone.

Big companies are like cruise liners navigating the new waters. They have huge overheads etc. You are a sleek speed boat you can create and be who you are. This is your moment to create without worrying about the major competition.

As writers, we are now faced with extra time to…

True Crime

John Reginald Christie and his house of horror.

John and Ethel Christie — Photo in the public domain

No matter where you travel in London you would be hard-pressed to find an area unclaimed by violence. From Jack the Ripper to terrorist bombings, London has a high death toll.

One place where violence was prevalent is 10 Rillington Place. A house dubbed the house of horrors, where blood seeped out of every wall. This was the house of John Reginald Christie.

Christie was responsible for the murder of eight women, a child and an innocent man. His case was even more fascinating as his actions led to a major change in British law.

Who was John Reginald Christie?

Christie was born in Yorkshire…

True Crime

Ghislaine Maxwell is no stranger to controversy, criminal activities and disappearance. Her father taught her everything he knew.

Robert Maxwell — Photo in the public domain

Robert Maxwell was a media mogul. At the height of his career, he owned some of the biggest newspapers in the world.

Maxwell had ten children the youngest was Ghislaine. Through her father, the socialite, who was friends with Prince Andrew and Chelsea Clinton, learnt how to deal with a scandal.

At the age, of sixty-eight her father disappeared from his yacht, named the Lady Ghislaine. Weeks later, it was uncovered, that he had stolen £50 million from his employee’s pension fund.

Did he commit suicide to avoid the inevitable, was it a freak accident or was he assassinated by…

For links to all my work and genuine interaction.

Over the last couple of months, I have been pondering the question of how to be more interactive with my followers. To offer content, without disadvantaging those that can not afford to contribute financially.

On the first inspection, Ko-Fi looked nothing more than a giving style page, when you dive in it is so much more. On this platform, you can feature all your work. You can also ask for a donation, to buy a coffee. There is no expectation for people to financially support you, they still see your content, but the option is there.

This is everything that…

The Best of Crime from April 2021

Featured Stories

Who Killed Instagram Influencer Alexis Sharkey?

On November 28, 2020, Houston city workers stumbled upon a naked body on the side of a service road. At first, they thought it was a mannequin because of the way the body was positioned. Upon a closer look, however, they realized they were looking at a dead woman. The police would later identify her as Instagram Influencer Alexis Sharkey (26).

Alexis’s body was found just a couple of miles away from the house she shared with her husband, Tom Sharkey. The medical examiner confirmed the cause of death was strangulation and the case officially became a homicide.

So, who…

True Crime

A case unique in British criminal history.

Pixabay — Alexas_Fotos

My name is Thomas I am fourteen, currently, I am lying down an alley in Greater Manchester fighting for my life. It is 8 pm on Sunday 29 June 2003, the police have been called and I have multiple stab wounds. Standing beside me is my best friend Craig, he is fifteen and stayed with me until help arrived. He will tell the police that a hooded knifeman stabbed me. He is lying. They will find this out when they look at the CCTV. It was Craig that stabbed me. I asked him too, in a roundabout way. …

True Crime

The oldest murder on record.

Photo in public domain

Hikers Helmut and Erika Simon were out for a hiker in the Austro-Italian Alps on September 19th, 1991 when they discovered a body. They alerted the authorities thinking it was the body of a fellow mountaineer, who recently succumbed to the elements. The body looked startlingly fresh.

When the Austrian police were called to the scene it soon became clear this was no normal case. An X-ray revealed he had been shot through the left shoulder causing death. …

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