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True Crime

Joanne Dennehy one of only three women, to be given a whole life order.

Joanna Dennehy poses for a photograph with a knife shortly after some of the murders.
Joanna Dennehy — Photo in Public Domain

Joanne Dennehy is considered the most dangerous woman in the UK prison system. She is one of only three women to get a whole life order. The other two being Rose West and Myra Hindley. Dennehy is a classic psychopath, she is described as having a magnetic personality with no remorse. Even in police custody, she tried to turn her charm to her advantage, flirting with the police. It was this charm, that she used to lure men to her and ultimately kill them.

She was charged with three counts of murder in November 2013 and two counts of attempted…

Writing Tips

How I made a million in my first month and my publication got two million followers

Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

The amount of writing advice available on the internet is extensive. Not all it is honest though. Three myths are circulated again and again that makes me angry.

As a mentor to other writers, these articles frustrate me. They give false information. They don’t lie, but they also don’t tell the whole story. The irony isn’t wasted that I have written a writing article, to complain about writing articles.

Throughout my time as a mentor though, I try to give honest advice. I don’t discuss money, because you shouldn’t concentrate on that. …

A person should be allowed their own opinion without being cancelled.

Free speech being denied
Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

Free speech is the essence of a progressive society. However, it is being threatened by the new wave of cancel culture. Cancel culture, for those that don’t know, is the process of ostracising a person for not having your view.

If liberal free thinkers do not stand up for free speech, then we will all be living in countries similar to North Korea before we know it. I am not saying this as an English person, I say this as a human living in a crumbling society.

I am a proud gay woman. I am a woman and would like…

True Crime

Margaret Waters a more prolific serial killer, than Jack the Ripper.

Children of Victorian England in Baby Farms.
Photo in Public Domain

Victorian England was home to Jack the Ripper. Much has been talked about in his reign of terror. He was, actually, only one of many murderers that lived amongst the poor. Most had larger kill totals than him, yet many have not shared the infamy he has.

Victorian London was a harsh place to live. Most people lived in complete poverty, with not enough money to feed their families. Victorian London had many killers, the plague and poverty being two.

The daily struggle for survival was particularly hard for women and children. The vulnerable were not protected and many perished…

When they all left, the journals were the connection to the past.

Image by -MayaQ- from Pixabay

The fan moved the still air around the bunker.

Since the crash of 2025, air had become a precious commodity. The irony that the poisoned air drove the turbine that cleaned the air.

The air outside wasn’t worth breathing. Since the world had destroyed itself, the atmosphere contained chemicals. Chemicals that even the most robust living organism couldn’t survive. The filtration machine cleaned the air and the fan circulated it throughout. The air smelt stale and it was always hot, but breathing it couldn’t kill you.

Harper was the only one left. She wasn’t even sure anymore how long she…

Suzanne Collins has produced a stunning prequel for Hunger Games fans

Image Free for Fair Use

No matter the success of the author, there are always some that go for the extra cash. JK Rowling despite her millions chose to write several additional books for the Harry Potter series.

For me, The Hunger Games was the trilogy that changed my life. Friends had talked about the excitement of waiting for the next Harry Potter book, I never understood it. Don’t get me wrong I looked forward to each new release, but I didn’t crave it the way others did. Then along came The Hunger Games and I understood completely.

It saddens me to this day, I…

One minute murder anyone.

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

Last month, I ignored the advice of a very important person in my life and didn’t write the article she wanted. When I did it went viral. The Last Article from a Desperate Writer, appealed to all. For a month, I have heard ‘I told you so’

So you can imagine I wasn't going to make that mistake again. When she suggested I looked at TikTok for my content, I was right on it. And so this weekend one minute murder was established.

If you like your murder quick, who wouldn’t. If you want to explore a world of the funny, gruesome and damn right bizarre then come and give it a follow. Join the Crime Blog.

True Crime

Peter Sutcliffe — The Yorkshire Ripper

Photo in public domain

Peter Sutcliffe was convicted in 1981 of thirteen counts of murder. Also, he was convicted of an additional seven counts of attempted murder. He served twenty concurrent life sentences. This was extended to a whole life order in 2010. The media connecting him to Jack the Ripper secured his infamy in popular culture. This was a bold move as his method of killing, differed dramatically from that of the original Ripper.

Early Life

Born in Yorkshire to a working-class family. It was reported he was a loner. He left school when he was fifteen, where he went on to work menial jobs…


In 1310, Phillippa of Hainault was Queen to England. She ruled very successfully until 1369. So who exactly was this overlooked royal.

An imaginative illustration of Queen Philippa begging for mercy for the townsfolk by J.D Penrose — Photo in Public Domain

Is there a person on the planet who has not heard about the Meghan Markle interview? During it, she raised some serious issues about racism within the royal family. Whether you believe her or not, the royal family has a history of hiding royal descendants, that don’t fit the norm. Our present Queen had two disabled cousins that were hidden away from the press.

Is this attitude the reason many British people do not realise that Markle was not the first woman of colour to enter the royal family. …

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