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True Crime

Fifty-four years after Jack the Ripper a copycat struck.

London in Blitz — Photo in Public Domain

At the heart of World War II, the country was in the middle of the blitz. People lived in constant fear of bombs hitting them from the German planes. The country was rationing food and everyone was doing their best to survive. Many families had loved ones to worry about, who were fighting. Despite this, it was a time of friendship and pulling together. This was never more true than in London. This is why the last thing the city needed was the Blackout Ripper. Fifty-four years after Jack the Ripper terrorised the capital a copycat was back.

The blackout…

How do you maintain your stress levels?

Photo in Public Domain

Imagine that your life is a cup. In that cup goes all your everyday stress. Regular activities such as having to get out of bed, traffic and people queue jumping. These will be added to your cup. Not a massive problem.

Then we start going through difficult times such as family issues and the cup begins to shrink. There is now less room for the stress to sit. When the container is overflowing we have an emotional snap. We might shout, slam a door or start crying. This temporarily helps the container empty. You can’t keep going like this, though…


The Mulberry Harbour World War II Floating Port

Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash

The Dieppe Raid in 1942 had proved that allied troops could not penetrate the Atlantic Wall and were unable to capture a port in North France. The country needed to come up with a way to land troops, without enemy fire. The solution was a structure of engineering genius.

If you take a stroll along Littlestone beach, in the South of England, you will see a strange platform floating out at sea. This is known as the Mulberry Harbour. The harbours were taken to the French coast to act as a temporary dock for allied troops. There are several sections…


Consider a constructivist system of learning when you return to the classroom.

The education system is based on teaching pupils a set curriculum to make them comprehensive human beings. Members of society, who have a variety of skills they can use in the real world.

Education needs to be more than this, it needs to include understanding how your students learn. Education that empowers an individual to learn things for themselves, by themselves. Constructivism learning is one method of achieving this.

A child’s cognitive development is not just about acquiring knowledge, the child has to develop or construct a mental model of the world. — Jean Piaget

Constructivism explores the way people…

True Crime

What happened to Michael Rockefeller?

Michael Rockefeller — Picture in Public Domain

Michael Rockefeller was rich, he was one of the richest men in the world. Born in 1938, he was the youngest son of Governor Nelson Rockefeller. Like so many rich sons, he didn’t want to follow his father’s dreams, instead, he wanted to strike out with his own career and pursuits.

Michael was a quieter, more artistic spirit. The thought of sitting in boardrooms was not one he was interested in. When he graduated from Harvard in 1960, he wanted to follow his dreams. His father, who was a prolific art collector, had just opened a museum dedicated to non-western…

Make sure others know about your accomplishments.

Photo by Jan Meeus on Unsplash

Like many writers, I am rubbish at advertising. I don’t have the confidence to sing my own praises. I constantly wonder if I am selling too much or not enough.

There isn’t any definitive rule, but the advice seems to be give eighty percent of the time and advertise for twenty.
If you like this is my twenty percent post if you like my writing you may like to follow me on some of these other platforms.

If you are a fan of true crime I write extensive articles on the subject. I have a dedicated blog for the subject…

Mental Health

What to look out for and where to get help if you need it.

Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash

Mental Health is one of the greatest casualties of the current pandemic. Not just our mental health, but that of our children. In 2017 over 682 children, aged between 10–29 took their own life. Statistics for this time have not been released. It is evident though that mental health has been affected, in all ages, as we live in lockdown.

Poor mental health will affect all aspects of your life. Your resilience levels will become lower. You will find it harder to work, concentrate or support others.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. …

I hope someone reads this

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

I’m not even sure, as I write this, anyone will read it. Still, the best part of my life was as a writer, it seems right my last act is writing. If this is my last act. I’m not even sure of that anymore.

To help you understand I need to start from the beginning, let you know how it all started to go so wrong. I am a true crime blogger. I am fascinated with serial killers and stories of murder. Four days ago I became fascinated with the Elisa Lam story and the Cecil Hotel. Why? …

True Crime

Did she take her life or was she murdered in one of the most sinister hotels in the world?

Elisa Lam — Picture in public domain

During my travels, I have stayed in some pretty grotty hotels. I have never though, stayed in anything like the Cecil Hotel. Can you imagine bathing and drinking odd coloured water and then realising it was because a dead body was contained in the water tank. It is an incident symbolic of a Stephen King book. However, this happened to more than 100 patrons of the hotel.

Holiday Plans

The body that was found in the water tank was that of Elisa Lam. She was a 21-year-old student from Canada. Her parents were immigrants from Hong Kong. Lam like many of us…

Writing Tips

Do you write on one subject or multiple?

Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

I have always said that I would never pick a niche to write under, especially on Medium. My other projects and newsletters are related to one niche. Medium has always been my go to place for all thoughts. Recently, though it has become evident that one type of article makes far more than others. Luckily for me, it is a niche that will never run out. True crime. There is always a story waiting to be reported. Do you know in my next book I am writing the A-Z of British serial killers, I have found one for every letter…

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