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Review of Good Without God — A Case for Secular Christianity by Tessa Schlesinger

Tessa Schlesinger is fast becoming one of my favourite writers on Medium. She asks questions many are afraid to ask. One of her most interesting posts deals with the fact in the world you need to be a thinker. Her posts certainly make you think, so you can imagine my joy when she released a book.

God without God is a thinking person’s book. It asks questions we should all consider as mortals on this planet. Within this masterpiece, she looks at God and religion. She asks questions about the contradictions of the teaching in the great book.

Questions such as at the core of Christianity is the expectation for wealthy people to share their wealth. This would then lead us to believe rich people are evil. If this is the case why are people such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos idolised?

The sad truth is people don’t want to think about these issues. Our planet produces enough food to feed us all. Yet in the UK we throw away 6.6 tonnes of household waste away a year. In contrast, people in third world countries are starving.

This week I shared a post on Facebook. The stated, ‘there is a virus called hunger that kills children around the world, but no one talks about this one because hunger doesn’t affect the rich.’ It was removed as it was against Facebook’s community guidelines. It obviously didn’t fit into, the rich Zuckerberg’s narrative.

I wouldn’t have considered any of these points if it hadn’t been for God without God.

The book woke me up to this issue and many more about religion and benevolence.

This book is for everyone, whether you are religious or not. The writer has respect for all and backs her views with examples and intelligent commentary. She uses present-day examples that allow you to relate to religious parables in today’s society.

When reading this book I filled a notebook of thoughts and questions for further consideration. I urge everyone to pick up a copy, you will not be disappointed.

As Tessa says:

Some people are driven by intellect rather than emotion.

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Step into the intellect category and grab a copy of God with God — A Case for Secular Christianity

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