Both my parents had a heart attack before they were 55, I’m 45 now. I’m overweight and smoke, not a huge amount but enough.

I have a beautiful two year old daughter, who I would literally chop a leg off to spend more time with.

Yet I haven’t been able to eat health and lose weight. I don’t exercise and I can’t quit those last cigarettes. I am literally shedding the time I have with my daughter, by not getting healthy. What stops us from doing what we know is right in our heart? I have to stop this destructive behaviour before my heart stops. Yet as of yet I haven’t.

I say this to let you know you are not alone. I’m sure that might not help, but I hope it does. Everywhere people are struggling with self care. We just don’t care about ourselves enough to make a change. So maybe we have to care about someone else enough to change? In my case my daughter.

Take care and start small, a change can happen I’m sure, you are stronger than you believe.

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