Elle, it is like you wrote this story for me and what perfect timing. First, thank you for sharing your story.

Last Monday my precious little girl fell from the top of our stairs to the bottom. I was right beside her, but I couldn’t stop her. I blame myself every minute of the day. She is thankfully okay she suffered a broken collarbone, but it could have been so much worse. As I watched her tumble down the stairs I waited, it must have been 10 seconds, not knowing what would happen. I have never been so pleased to hear her cry.

For the last week, the replay of the accident fills my every minute. When I am asleep, I’m still reliving it. The guilt is immense and I can’t believe that I couldn’t catch her.

Your article really helped to put into perspective the feelings I have are okay. The memory will fade, but never go. I can live with that.

Mothers guilt is the hardest thing to suffer.

Thank you again.

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