How the United Kingdom Is Sadly Not United Anymore

Brexit, a general election and a system unfit for purpose.

The United Kingdom has been in a state of unease, ever since the vote in 2016 meant we were to leave the European Union. (EU)

The only certainty that came out of the whole process, was as citizens we were lied to. Lies came from both sides of the argument. We all went to the polls, with opinions based on lies, untruths and exaggerations. This was the same whether you voted leave or remain. Politicians who we voted into parliament, lied for their own advantage.

David Cameron spoke before the vote, he stated no matter what the result, he would stay to carry out the wishes of the people. When he didn’t win, he left so fast he barely had time to pack. Let us not forget he decided to have a vote in the first place. The whole sorry mess, started with him and he ran away when it didn’t go his way.

For three years, neighbour has argued with neighbour. Families have argued on their differing opinions. Facebook has become the most antisocial of social sites, with abuse and venom coming from both sides. Our country is in turmoil and will be for many more months.

Another Pointless Vote

Despite the assurances from Boris Johnson, that we would be leaving at the end of October with or without a deal, we are still there. Another untruth in a well of lies.

The country could not be more divided, we face a general election. For all sense and purposes, another pointless vote. The problem that the UK faces, is that neither option is great.

As with the Brexit vote, we get to choose the best of two terrible options. On one side we have the Conservative government. A party that is on its third leader since Brexit. A party that was split from the beginning. Half voting to remain, half voting to leave. Both sides building their campaigns on lies.

On the other side, we have the Labour government, run by a leader who has connections to terrorism and denied it. A leader who does not even have the support of all his party.

All this unrest and political wrangling will be taking part over Christmas. The election is on December 12th. Even our holidays aren’t free from political unrest. Once again families will be against families, during the festive season. A season which should be all about family, will be disrupted with political debate.

Politician Have Forgotten Who They Serve

Towards the end of the Brexit negotiations, it was clear where we were heading. Rather than remembering they were serving us, politicians were point-scoring against each other.

An amazing deal could have been discussed, that wouldn’t have been passed. Simply put, no one wanted the other side to win. Politicians had forgotten who put them in to serve and what their job was.

The political system within the UK is in tatters and something needs to change.

What Can Be Done

Many voters believe they have a choice to be made between two parties. This is not the case. Voters need to remember that there are more than two options when they go to the polls.

Read the manifestos of all the big parties, there are more than two. The Liberal Democrat’s, for example, have some brilliant policy. They had time to develop a strong voice on what they offer the UK. Whilst the other two parties were point-scoring, they got their house in order.

Another option which is talked about is not voting. If there isn’t a sensible option, then why turn out on a winters night to vote? After all, you could be wrapping presents.

I don’t agree with this train of thought. As a female voted, my ancestors fought hard for the right to vote. The women’s suffragette movement worked tirelessly to gain me a vote in 1918, I’m not wasting it.

By not voting we are not sending a clear message of distrust in our government. It could be interpreted as we were too lazy.

A clearer message would be to attend the polling station and spoil the ballot papers. Put a cross, in pen, in every box. Send a clear message that we turned up, but see nothing worth voting for. I stipulate use a pen as many polling stations only offer pencils. Rumours have circulated of poling stations altering votes using pencil and rubber. Make your vote count, in pen.

Regardless of which party take control on December 13th the debacle that is Brexit will not be over. In my opinion, we will all be facing another Brexit vote. Where more lies and untruths can be told.

We now have a stay in the European Union until a deal is reached. The next date stated for leaving is 31st January 2020. Whether another extension is offered after this date, remains to be seen.

Brexit will have long-reaching effects on the United Kingdom for years to come. Families and neighbours will still be against each other. The daily disagreements and mud throwing will continue on social media. Our once great country will remain divided. Divided by a political system that is not fit for purpose.

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