I am speechless by your article. For months I have been trying to write this story, but have never had the courage. Well done you for publishing. Many of the thoughts and feelings you shared I have felt. I didn’t turn to drugs and drink, instead I buried myself in my work.

At 38 I came bursting out as gay. I say bursting, because I met my soulmate and knew I had to be with her. I threw all caution to the wind and just went for it. There is a saying, I can’t quite remember, something about taking one minute of madness to change your life forever.

In my 30’s I had a great family and set of friends so I knew everything would be fine at least I have their support to battle society. I have never been more wrong. All of my friends disappeared except a couple and my father hasn’t spoken to me in 4 years. The relationship with the rest of my family is strained to say the least. Society however, accepted me straight away.

I simply can’t wait to read the rest of your story. Maybe one day I will have your courage and publish some of my story.

Take care

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UK writer & writing coach - views on writing, parenting, mental health & more. Want to improve your writing — https://www.patreon.com/samharnold

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