I have been lucky with one of my publications the curators seem to look out for it and curate a large number of the parenting articles, so I’m not sure this is a thing.

I do wonder whether the hang tight message everyone is getting for weeks, might be down to curators reading more posts and curation jail vanishing.

Have you tried writing for one of the publications that virtually guarantee curation such as PS I love you or Better Marketing. I have heard of a couple of people who have beaten curation jail by writing for these.

I also wouldn’t worry too much about curation, you can still make money and never be curated. My biggest post this week got 3.7K views and hasn’t been curated yet. For me SEO is my priority not curation.

Please don’t feel down as you are a talented writer and I enjoy your articles.

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UK writer & writing coach - views on writing, parenting, mental health & more. Want to improve your writing — https://www.patreon.com/samharnold

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