I have to agree with your opinion I’m not sure it has staying ability.

I joined Quora a couple of weeks ago from recommendations on here from others. Many said it was a good place to get exposure. I have used it for research for one of my articles and have gained some excellent information. That’s a positive.

Now the negative. Two days ago I asked the question ‘Are the media partly to blame for the rise in eating disorders?’ I posted one of my articles as background information. I gained feedback from someone saying they had a BA in Psychology. Basically they ripped the article apart completely misquoted it and personally questioned my integrity. They never once answered the question just trashed my work. I have no problem with constructive criticism. This was not constructive. I was hurt until I looked at some of his other answers. I was shocked by the terminology he used. I will let you judge for yourself.

I’m appalled that the site allows this type of hate terminology. I think it is the sites total lack of control and monitoring which will result in people leaving. No users no site.

Thanks for the article.

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