I run my own group on Facebook when it started we had 20 members and it was easy to use a clap for clap arrangement. I soon realised however, that this seemed dishonest in a way. The group is now too big for this.

For the last couple of months I have adopted a system of looking for titles and posts that interest me. I either read these or bookmark for later. I then clap for these on how I found the article. I have no set pattern I clap what I think.

There are also the authors that I devour everything they read, but this is due to their quality of writing.

Using this method I feel I have given as much importance to my life as a reader as a writer.

Your article made me think however if this is why my claps are suffering. I didn’t realise some only clap, for people who have clapped them. I would prefer to think my claps are due to the writing I submit not just because I clapped for them.

Thanks for a thought provoking article.

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