I think I wrote this on Shannon post a couple of days ago. I put it down to jealousy. You are both doing better than him. He thinks he is the Medium expert and your wages are better than his from Medium.

I say wages because yes they are wages. We work, we give time and we earn wages. Okay I’m on an hourly rate of 50p, but that’s my decision. Would I have the hump because you guys do better. God no I strive to be like you

Saying you could run out of material is insulting. It isn’t like you are not great writers who could swap to other topics. This however, is nothing compared to bringing your children into an argument. That is the lowest of the low in my opinion.

I love all my writers on my publication for the time they give, regardless of content, writing takes effort. I would welcome anyone as a writer to my publication.

Keep smiling ladies I’m off now to delete someone from my followers. Not that he will care apparently he has left Medium 😂.

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