I think the difference in our opinion can mostly be put down to the different areas we teach in. I have experience of higher education and I completely agreed with your views.

In contrast I teach in an independent school which specialises in young people who have been excluded from mainstream school or who are about to be. The teaching is very varied and on a good day without technology I can feel like a referee and bouncer.

Although technology has helped us open up exams to many people with special needs, who would otherwise not achieve, it has also had a detrimental effect.

For example, it has made our students lazy. Especially in areas of spelling and grammar they expect the computer to correct their errors rather than learning to do it themselves. I have also been battling with over tired kids as they are all addicted to the latest craze game Fortnite.

As with any topic I think the solution is independent to the individual school rather than a one system suits all approach.

Thank you for you kind words and feedback on my article.

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