I view 13R slightly different to most parents. My daughter is actually far to you to watch it. I am however a Deputy Head of a secondary school. When I watch it with this hat on I think the show is extremely well written.

It is a good starting point for conversations and allows teenagers to see how the smallest of action can cause such pain to an individual. I think it deals with the subjects of Rape, Mental health and bullying well. I wish I could let all my year 11’s watch it in school.

I have to also say I enjoyed the second series more than the first. It seemed like more time had been taken with the second series. More research and better scripts.

Having said all that I found the last episode unnecessarily graphic. There were parts of the scene that could have been implied rather than shown. I watched it last night and as a 43 year old it is still playing on my mind. For this episode I think the writers went for the shock value rather than quality.

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