My Angel Muse Has Flown

One of the people who influenced my life most, was my Grandma. She was an amazing woman who always taught me to strive for whatever I wanted. When imposter syndrome occurs or I struggle with an article, it is her voice I hear urging me on. The woman never let anything get in her way, sometimes at the expense of her relationships.

She was not only my inspiration for following my dream, but the muse behind some of my writing. If you have read my poem Dementia of a Soul, you will know that she suffered from dementia.

The woman that was my Gran left us many years ago. The driving force that made her a pioneer of her time, taken by this awful disease.

This weekend, she finally joined the angels. Another victim of this terrible virus, although her time had come. Her torment of dementia is finally gone. When I was looking through my articles about her, I came upon this that I wrote over a year ago. It says everything that needs to be said.

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