Oh my dear friend Selma, my life would have been so poor without you by my side for the last year or so. You have the most generous heart of all. If the grandmother in the fish shop was at all spiritual she would have seen this radiating from you and instantly put it down as a bad day, forgiving you.

I have lost count of the times your emails and messages have brought me out of my own limp cod days. Every message you send is a miracle.

Now onto this curation thing. The fact you haven’t been curated yet, is Mediums mistake, as your writing is always open,honest and fantastic. However, I am here dear friend. Let’s get you curated. I am more than willing to help you and see what we can achieve. Write one of your amazing posts and send it to me in draft form. I can then have a look and suggest any areas you can add for a better chance. I also have a list of curated topics which we can tag your posts with.

If this doesn’t work, we will try again and again. By Christmas I’m certain we will have cracked it. Together two salmons swimming up stream.

UK writer & writing coach - views on writing, parenting, mental health & more. Want to improve your writing — https://www.patreon.com/samharnold

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