Thank you Jun as always. I was very interested in the fact of the misdiagnosed 2 year olds. I didn’t realise that it was a mistake that was occurring.

I had an incident in the Disney shop just the other week with a disapproving parent. My little girl is not only academically ahead of herself, she is physically. She is as tall as a 4 year old. This women obviously thought she was older than she was. She has a habit of squirting her milk from her bottle, which she did on the floor, no I didn’t see it instantly, I was shopping. The eye roll was spectacular though. I resisted inserting Mickey Mouse somewhere and walked away.

I appreciate your insight in these matters and read many of your posts about motherhood. I especially liked the one about being a picky eater, it was nice to know I wasn’t alone.

Take care my friend.

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